Together to accelerate innovation

“ The objective of the Carnot Institute CALYM is to promote innovation in lymphoma research and to accelerate its transfer to clinics and the health industry through public/private partnerships. The CALYM R&D offer is positioned in a global pharmaceutical and biotechnological market that is growing strongly and that has been taking a strategic turn for several years now, requiring essential biological, clinical and technological expertise from the academic sector. In order to meet these market requirements, CALYM is based on a unique position in the whole R&D value chain: from the identification of new cellular targets, to international phase III clinical trials and beyond.”

Bertrand Nadel, Director of the Carnot Institute CALYM

A unique positioning across the entire R&D value chain

Making major discoveries on lymphomas and transforming them into therapeutic innovation.

Transforming therapeutic innovations in medicine for the benefit of patients suffering from lymphomas.

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