Cell and molecule mechanisms of haematological disorders and therapeutic implications

Research topics & objectives

The team is interested in various physio-pathological aspects and the treatment of benign and malignant blood diseases. The research objectives developed within the laboratory are: i) the characterisation of the mechanisms implicated in the pathogenesis of benign and malignant blood diseases, ii) the development of new therapeutic strategies, iii) the development of clinical trials and iv) the transfer of new technologies.

Research topics

  • Lymphoproliferation associated with viruses (HTLV1, HCV, EBV).
  • Lymphoproliferation associated with immune deficiencies.
  • Mantle-cell lymphomas.
  • Enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphomas (EATL).
  • Sporadic forms of hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.
  • GVH.
  • Anti-tumour immunotherapy.

Lymphoma sub-types

  • Lymphomas linked to HTLV1.
  • Lymphomas linked to HCV;
  • NK/T-cell lymphomas.
  • Lymphomas associated with immune deficiencies.
  • Mantle-cell lymphomas.
  • Enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphomas (EATL).

Key words

Pathogenesis models of blood diseases, Therapeutic innovation, Valorisation.

Olivier Hermine Recherche Lymphome
Olivier Hermine Manager - Créteil



  • Immune checkpoints and immunological synapses.
  • Tyrosines kinase (ex: Ckit, PDGF-R, Lyn).
  • NK receptors (ex: KIR).
  • Neuropilin 1 (NRP1).
  • Transferrin receptor (TFR).


  • In vitro: cellular lineages of B and T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas and of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, co-culture of lineages or stem cells from patients with macrophages or NK cells, immunological synapses.
  • In vivo: immunodeficient mice (xenografts of lineages or stem cells), spontaneous models of blood diseases in animals (cat: gastrointestinal lymphomas with small T cells).
  • Ex vivo: in vitro expansion of iNKT cells from patients, expansion of normal and pathological CD34+ cells.


  • Proliferation capacity of iNKT cells after expansion in vitro as a predictive marker of GVHD.
  • Development of prognostic biomarkers: the expression of NRP1 and TFR as prognostic factors.


  • Kinases activation.
  • Telomeres and telomerase activity.


  • Bioinformatics platforms (sequencing data analysis) and biostatistics.
  • Various imaging techniques (Image stream, confocal microscopy).
  • Patient cohorts: EATL, HTLV1-associated lymphomas, NK/T-cell lymphomas, gamma/delta panniculitis, mantle-cell lymphomas.


  • NGS (exome, RNA seq).
  • ADCC study.
  • Apoptosis study.
  • Study of the vaccine response in mouse models in vivo.
  • Study of the regulatory activity of regulating T lymphocytes.
  • Study of lymphocytotoxicity (mediated by T CD8+ lymphocytes or NK cells).

Platforms & technical resources

Platforms available at the Imagine Institute:

  • Genomics (exome sequencing, targeted resequencing, SNP array, RNAseq).
  • Microscopy (confocal microscopy, Image stream, video microscope).
  • Proteomics.
  • Animal studies / transgenesis.
  • Bioinformatics platforms (sequencing data analysis) and biostatistics.

R&D offer

  • Collaborative and contractual research: pharmacological modulation of biological targets, development of prognostic biomarkers.
  • Expertise: HTLV1-associated lymphomas, mantle-cell lymphomas, lymphomas associated with immune deficiencies, HCV-associated lymphomas.
  • Clinical databases: HTLV1-associated lymphomas, EATL, NK/T-cell lymphomas.
  • Collections of tumour samples: EATL, HTLV1-associated lymphomas, NK/T-cell lymphomas, gamma/delta panniculitis.
  • Spontaneous animal tumour models.

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