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A unique collection

The CeVi collection is a unique collection of viable, cryopreserved human cells from lymphomas and reactive lymphoid tissues. More than 1400 samples and more than 5400 tubes are available.

  • This collection is mainly comprised of lymph nodes, peripheral blood, bone marrow or any other tissue or liquid that may be the niche of a potential cancerous proliferation, from lymphomas and reactive lymphoid tissues
  • For each sample, the collection includes: ampoules of cells, dry pellets, DNA/RNA, plasma
  • Perfectly annotated material with biological and clinical data (histopathology, phenotype, clinical characteristics)

Large variety of collected pathologies

The collected pathologies cover all lymphoma sub-types, from the most common to the most rare.

  • Follicular lymphoma
  • Diffuse large B-cell lymphomas
  • Hodgkin lymphomas
  • T-cell lymphomas (peripheral, angioimmunoblastic…)
  • Other B-cell lymphomas: mantle cell, marginal zone, non-Hodgkin, Waldenström macroglobulinemia, Burkitt, lymphoplasmacytic, lymphocytic…
  • Hyperplasia…

A CALYM collaborative project

The CeVi project includes six CALYM research laboratories, supported by the local Biological Resource Centres, to establish functional “CeVi” platforms.


The biological resources that make up the CeVi collection originate from samples taken in partner hospitals in the context of the care provided. Once the patient’s consent is obtained, the samples that are not used are conserved in the various Biological Resource Centres and made available to the research teams.

Quality management

The CeVi collection is committed to a quality assurance program.


  • The sample quality is ensured by the NF S96-900 certification of the CeVi partner platforms
  • The final quality control is guaranteed by the ISO 9001v2008 certification of the “Coordination of the collection of living lymphoma cells – CeVi”


The CeVi collection is a unique source of material and collaboration with the members of the CALYM teams, regardless of the type of lymphoma being researched.

Industrial partners can access the collection via contractual research projects with one or more teams of the Carnot Institute CALYM. Each request for access is examined by the Scientific Committee of the Institute in order to provide the most suitable samples for the researchers.


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