Together for research

Lymphoma Research Experts is comprised of two organisations committed to the fight against this frequent and still little-known cancer.

They combine all the expertise necessary to make progress in lymphoma research, from the identification of new leads to human studies that are necessary to discover new solutions to the benefit of patients.

Lymphome de Burkitt
The challenges of lymphoma research

The reality of this disease is that it is widespread, with an occurrence rate that has doubled since the 70s, and a complex bio-clinical field with more than 80 identified lymphoma sub-types.

Despite the undeniable progress made with regard to life expectancy and life quality of the patients that are treated for this disease, lymphomas remain a major public health problem with significant research and development needs. This high-stake challenge requires the federation and collaboration of all the actors on the front lines of this fight.

What are lymphomas?

Lymphomas constitute a group of cancers that affect the lymphatic system, which contributes to the defence of the organism. They represent the 6th most frequent cancer type in the world, with an estimated total of 2 million patients affected.

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