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Why become a LYSA member?

Becoming a LYSA member lets you actively participate in the internationally-leading cooperating group for clinical lymphoma research(non-profit association, independent from all public and private organisations).

By becoming a member of LYSA, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in meetings and scientific committees
  • Take part in the annual LYSA events
  • Contribute to the life of the network by participating and voting at the General Assemblies
  • Obtain a personal and secure information space on the LYSA website


Who can become a LYSA member?

The members of the association are professionals who exercise all or part of their activity in the field of lymphoma research, and who respond to the objectives of the association (except for professionals whose main activity is in the industrial sector).

The association consists of subscribed members, associated members, benefactor members and members of honour. The status of the member (subscribed, associated, benefactor or of honour) is decided by the Administrative Board.

Become a LYSA member
Become a LYSA member

To first become a LYSA member, a written request must be sent to the LYSA chairperson, via the contact form opposite or sent by mail to the address provided below. The request must include a sponsorship letter from a subscribed member of the association.

The LYSA membership is valid from the 1st January to the 31st December after the membership fees are paid:

  • 25.00 € for doctors
  • 10 € for interns
  • Membership fees waived for clinical research nurses



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