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Discover articles in the French press on our lymphoma research ecosystem: LYSA, LYSARC, CALYM!

The ATLAS program in the PACA Tribune,, ONKO+

“With the Atlas Program, public and private players in cancerology unite against lymphoma”.

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La Tribune is a media specialised in economics

“Atlas, a major program to advance lymphoma research”.

👉 Know more is a media specialised in sciences, medicine and research

“Lymphomes – Atlas: an ambitious public/private collaborative research program”.

👉 Know more is a media specialised in hematology

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Our new website in the Pharmacy Monitor, ONKO+, RASanté

A website to inform about lymphoma

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The pharmacy monitor

Lymphoma – Launch of the website

👉 Know more is a media specialised in hematology

Interview with Dr. Florence Broussais, Hematologist and Medical Director at LYSARC

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My health in Auvergne-RhĂ´ne-Alpes region

The 1000th patient recruited in the REALYSA study

Lyon: An ambitious “real-life” study to accelerate lymphoma research

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The inauguration of our CENS-ELI building

In January 2020 on the occasion of inauguration de of our building CENS-ELI

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