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Working with the LYSA against lymphomas

By making donations to the “LYSA endowment fund” as a real person or a company, you contribute directly to lymphoma research programs.

As a non-profit scientific research organisation, the LYSA needs you to help conduct its research programs that have a chance at leading to concrete applications in the care and life conditions of patients suffering from lymphomas. The research projects conducted since the creation of the LYSA have already contributed to significant medical progress in the treatment of various lymphoma types by the medical sector.

Advantageous fiscal conditions

Making a donation to the “LYSA endowment fund” will provide you with a tax receipt that gives you the right to tax deductions.

For real persons, a donation for lymphoma research made to the LYSA can give the right to tax reductions amounting to 66 % of the total amount of the donation (within the limit of 20 % of the taxable revenue).

Donating companies can benefit from revenue or corporate tax reductions amounting to 60 % of the donations, within the limit of 5 % of the turnover.

How to make a donation to the LYSA?

The “LYSA endowment fund” offers the possibility of making a single or regular donation for lymphoma research through the secure form below.

The personal data collected will only be used for authentication purposes, it will not be transmitted or saved in accordance with the French Data Protection and Freedom of Information Law.

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Donation & payment details

Si vous souhaitez effectuer un paiement par chèque (paiement hors ligne), merci de de nous faire parvenir votre règlement à l’adresse :

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