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Register of current LYSA/LYSARC clinical studies

Various clinical lymphoma studies are conducted each year thanks to the multidisciplinary expertise of the LYSA research network and its operational structure, the LYSARC. The current clinical studies are listed in the register below.

The register makes it possible to sort the current LYSA/LYSARC clinical studies  according to three criteria lymphoma type, study type and inclusion status. The current clinical studies are also accessible via the on-line application ClinTrial Refer LYSA, and announces on the various specialised sites, of which that of the National Cancer Institute (INCa) in France and that of the National Health Institute in the United States (website in English).

REALYSA, a national real-life study on lymphoma

The REALYSA study is a national, real-life study among patients with lymphoma. This ambitious and innovative study will improve knowledge about lymphoma and patient’s lives, in order to optimize patient care and quality of life.

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