Participation in scientific congresses

Oral presentations

The results of many works of the Lymphoma Research Experts ecosystem have been presented orally at leading scientific congresses. These congresses particularly include those of The American Association of Clinical Oncology, The European Hematology Association and the French Haematology Society.


List updated on the 12/06/2020

  • AHL study 2011 (congresses ASCO 2018 and EHA 2018)
  • RELEVANCE study (ASCO 2018 congress and presidential session at the EHA 2018 congress)
  • Refining DLBCL subgroups using integrated analysis of multilevel molecular profiles (EHA 2018 congress)
  • Protein expression p53 a,d p16 in the LYMA protocol (SFH 2018 congress)


The results of the works of the Lymphoma Research Experts ecosystem can also be presented in the form of poster.


  • POLARIX (ASCO 2018 congress)
  • Allograft post-anti-PD1 ATU Nivolumab (EHA 2018 congress)
  • Effectiveness anti-PD1 Hodgkin (SFH 2018 congress)
  • ZUMA-1 and SCHOLAR-1 comparison (SFH 2018 congress)
  • Central nervous system DLBCL relapse (SFH 2018 congress)
  • SNC relapse risk factor (SFH 2018 congress)