ASH 2021: LYSA and LYSARC to present their significant advances in lymphoma research

LYSA and LYSARC, author of numerous publications and sponsor of recognized clinical trials, are major players in lymphoma research. They will attend the 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH). This year, scientific output and studies sponsored by LYSA and LYSARC are particularly highlighted. Indeed, the group will present 17 abstracts in both oral and posters communications.

The excellence of French and Belgian academic research on lymphomas

LYSA and LYSARC represent a 20 years long, independent clinical research network specializing in lymphomas and collaborating with countless scientific teams at the international level. They gather more than 500 professionals and bring together 90 care centers spread over 3 countries (France, Belgium and Portugal)

“This year, LYSA and LYSARC are proud to present 11 oral presentations and 6 poster presentations on the occasion of the notorious annual meeting on hematology: ASH 2021 in Atlanta.”

Franck Morschhauser, President of LYSA and LYSARC

Multiple collaborative methods to deliver therapeutic innovations for the benefit of patients

Recognized for their outstanding work in clinical trial conduct: from diagnostic and prognostic research to bedside treatment implementation and routine practice guidelines the cooperative group LYSA and its operational structure LYSARC have proven to be key players in lymphoma research. Their various partnerships and collaborations have allowed to combine resources, risks, and responsibilities to form a benchmark for clinical studies, resulting in the identification of  new treatments  and efficient therapeutic strategies. “Ranging from academic, clinical studies, such as MCL-R2, to real-time databanks, like DESCAR-T, which gave rise to unique collaborations between cooperative and industrial groups and health authorities, to clinical studies in public/private partnership, such as POLARIX with ROCHE laboratories, LYSA/LYSARC have distinguished themselves by making it a point of honor to work in collaboration with all the current health players,” Franck Morschhauser affirms.

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