RedTalks Season2#5: CAR-T cells: new targets and potential strategies for cancer patients

A new RedTalks about CAR-T cells

Date: 7 April 2022, exceptionnally à 5pm CET, replay available upon the end of the event


Pr. Michel Sadelain, MD, PhD Director, Center for Cell Engineering



  • Pr. Gilles Salles, Chief of the Lymphoma Service at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) NY, NY, USA

  • Dr. Estelle Bourbon, MD. PhD student at the Center for Cell Engineering – Sadelain Lab – MSKCC, NY, NY, USA

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We are very pleased to introduce Pr. Michel Sadelain, recognized worldwide for the concept, the preclinical demonstration, and the clinical application of a new cancer immunotherapy, based on the use of synthetic receptors which he has named “chimeric antigen receptors” (CARs) and in particular CARs targeting CD19.

Throughout this RedTalk, Pr. Sadelain will explain the principle of chimeric antigen receptors (CARs): synthetic receptors that instruct the specificity and augment the potency of T cell responses. Informed by mechanisms of resistance observed in patients and in animal models, a next generation of CAR T cells is being developed, including improvements in the transcriptional control of CAR expression, dual-antigen targeting, increasing antigen sensitivity and epigenetic programming.

Professor Sadelain is Director and Founder of the Center for Cellular Engineering and Head of the Gene Transfer and Gene Expression Laboratory at the Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York (USA) where he holds the Stephen and Barbara Friedman Chair. He has also been awarded the Pasteur-Weizmann/Servier International Prize in recognition of his pivotal research demonstrating the therapeutic potential of engineered T cells. This prize, awarded every three years, is one of the most important research prizes worldwide.

Pr. Sadelain’s laboratory designed second generation CARs. In 2003, his lab identified CD19 as a target for CAR therapy in mice. Following the establishment of clinical CAR T cell manufacturing by Dr. Isabelle Rivière at MSK, Pr. Sadelain’s team was the first to report on molecular complete responses induced by CD19 CAR T cells in adults with relapsed, refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The MSK team received FDA breakthrough designation for this treatment in 2014. The US FDA approved the first CAR therapies, targeting CD19 with second generations CARs, in 2017.

We’re also pleased to welcome great moderators: MD. PhD student at the Center for Cell Engineering – Sadelain Lab – MSKCC and Pr. Gilles Salles, Chief of the Lymphoma Service at the MSKCC.

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