CALYM consortium, and SideROS are launching a partnership to test an innovative molecule in lymphoma

L’institut Carnot CALYM, an academic consortium that aims at accelerating innovation in the lymphoma field, and SIDEROS are pleased to announce the initiation of a preclinical partnership to test the efficacy a new molecule in Lymphoma.


SideROS and the Research team “Epigenome modifications and genomic instability in normal and malignant B cells ” led by Jérôme Moreaux at the Institute of Human Genetics, a member of the Carnot CALYM Institute, have signed a preclinical partnership. SideROS wants to position a molecule in its pipeline, the AM5 molecule, in lymphomas.

“The team lead by Jérôme Moreaux can bring skills and tools to define a scientific rationale for our development program in lymphoma. Indeed, the team has the specific scientific and medical knowledge of lymphoma, biological and technical ressources that are essential to the development of a preclinical development plan and, in the longer term, to clinical development. »  says Lucie Mondoulet, CEO of SideROS

The objective of the collaboration program is to confirm the efficacy of the AM5 molecule, alone and in combination with the commons drugs currently given and the actuals standards of care on lymphoma. In vitro tests, using cells from patients who are resistant to current treatments, will validate the pharmacological effect. The mechanism of action of AM5 is centered on an original mechanism never tested in Lymphomas : the innovative molecule blocks iron in the lysosome. The Lysosomes is a compartment that has the function of waste clearance and targeting iron induces the death of tumor cells.  To move towards the therapeutic positioning of lymphoma, SideROS needs to evaluate the “iron metabolism score” in lymphoma cells and to do the first in vitro efficacy tests of the molecule as a proof of concept. The “iron metabolism score” is a score based on the expression of genes demonstrating that a deregulation of iron metabolism is associated with a poor outcome.

All of these results will support the clinical development of AM5 for the treatment of resistant and refractory patients and will allow SideROS to raise the funds necessary to conduct clinical trials.

“The program will allow technical developments, measurement of iron score and evaluation of the molecule in vitro, which will show that the clinical perspectives are very real: the iron score as a biomarker will identify patients who can benefit from targeted treatment with AM5.”  as stated by Jérôme Moreaux

Calym Research TEAM, « Epigenome modifications and genomic instability in normal and malignant B cells » animated by Jerome Moreaux at the Institute of Human Genetics (IGH), uses genome data, computing, mathematical modeling and unique cellular models to study mature B cells with a focus on epigenome modifications and genomic instability. These approaches work in tandem with technological advancements to study tumorigenesis and to understand the mechanisms of tumor progression and drug resistance to develop new diagnostic and treatment strategies. CALYM research Team

SideROS is a French biotech company created in 2019 by Raphael Rodriguez, CNRS research director at the Institut Curie, to develop AM5 against recurrent cancers. SideROS recently joined the Paris Biotech Health incubator and has just raised one million euros. The company is also the winner of the i-Lab 2019 competition and has been supported by CNRS Innovation’s RISE program.

L’institut Carnot CALYM is a member of the FINDMED consortium. This consortium of 18 Carnot Institutes is facilitating collaborations between academic partners and French SMEs. FINDMED, through its CHICHE initiative! (CHallenge the Carnot cHimie and SantE Institutes!) ( supported this project.