LYSA Committees

LYSA scientific committees

The LYSA currently has six scientific committees that are specialised in the field of lymphoma research, of which the work topics and responsible persons are listed below.

The committees meet several times a year, and present the results of their discussion and their projects to the Scientific Board meeting.

Committee Persons responsible for the committee
Diffuse large B-cell lymphomas

Corinne Haioun – Thierry Lamy – Thierry Molina

T-cell lymphomas

Gandhi Damaj – Olivier Tournilhac – Laurence De Leval – Philippe Gaulard – Virginie Fataccioli

Follicular and other indolent lymphomas

Franck Morschhauser – Guillaume Cartron – Catherine Thieblemont

Hodgkin lymphomas

Marc André – Olivier Casasnovas

Mantle-cell lymphomas

Steven Le Gouill – Olivier Hermine

Think Tank Innovation

Bertrand Nadel – Roch Houot – Guillaume Cartron