2000th patient included in REALYSA – the pace accelerates

On April 22, 2021, at the University Hospital Center of Lyon Sud, was recruited the 2000th patient of REALYSA. This study aims to monitor 6,000 new lymphoma patients for several years, in order to improve knowledge about these complex diseases and to better understand the patient’s care pathway and experience, the effectiveness of treatments and post-disease events.

REALYSA – whose acronym means “REal world dAta in LYmphomas and Survival in Adults” – is a real-life study on adult lymphoma patients in France.


Where can we participate in this study?

The study began in November 2018 in 7 hematology departments. Only a small number of hospitals were initially opened to ensure the logistical and technical feasibility of the services. Indeed, this unique study, with clinical, biological and epidemiological data, is an atypical study for hospitals, and it was essential to do a pilot phase to see if the centres could integrate this study into the routine of the service. After this very positive pilot phase, 9 additional centres were opened and could thus offer the study to their patients. Finally, in order to improve national coverage, allow more patients to participate in the study, and have a greater diversity of places where lymphoma patients are taken care of, 19 additional centres, including private clinics, cancer centres and general hospitals, were opened and could offer the inclusion in the study to their patients. Currently, it is possible to participate in the REALYSA study in 35 care facilities located throughout the metropolitan area (see map here).

How many patients can participate in the REALYSA study?

Currently, more than 200 patients per month are included in REALYSA and can participate in this ambitious study. 1000 patients were included in 8 months, and it is expected that the next 1000 patients will be included in less than 5 months! The pace is accelerating, and more and more patients can participate in this study across France! We expect to include a total of 6,000 patients in this study, in order to produce new and reliable results on the effectiveness of drugs in real life, the factors associated with treatment response, care pathway and patients’ experiences.


How will the data collected in REALYSA be used?

A lot of data will be collected as part of this study, and will produce very important results on these complex diseases. For example, data are collected at the time of diagnosis, and then regularly throughout the study, on the quality of life of patients and the experience of the disease. These data will be studied very precisely to better understand the quality of life of patients during the different phases of the disease, to better understand the factors associated with this quality of life, and possibly be able to identify early in the care pathway patients who would be at higher risk of having a degraded quality of life after their diagnosis, in order to propose specific interventions to improve the experience of the disease. These data do not currently exist, and these results will provide valuable information for the entire medical profession to improve overall patient care.


Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about the REALYSA study, click here.