CALYM is proud to present the new version of HemSys, a Multidisciplinary Consultation Meeting (MCM) software dedicated to hematology

The power of HemSys 2.0: improving care for patients suffering from haemopathies and stimulating medical research

With its intuitive design and its pages dedicated to the different malignant and benign hemopathies, HemSys 2.0 meets 3 main objectives:

  1. Optimisation of preparation time and exchange between health professionals
  2. Enhancement of all administrative and medical data
  3. Enhanced security of the tool 

Historically created by a hematologist for hematologists, free version 2.0 of the software retains medical expertise while optimising information flows and improving security, thanks to a strong collaboration between  Institut Carnot CALYM and IQVIA. Clinicians can easily collect medical data of interest, share their questions with colleagues and quickly find their activity indicators.

The structuring of the HemSys database allows optimal use of all the information entered: 

  • By clinicians using the software for their routine medical practice as well as for their own research projects;
  • By the Carnot Institute CALYM, within the framework of academic and partnership collaborations for all types of research projects: epidemiology, market access, database enrichment, etc.

Thanks to this new version of HemSys 2.0, the partner health care institutions and CALYM contribute to a better care of patients suffering from hemopathies and accelerate research in the treatment of these diseases.

Contribute to hematology research with HemSys!

By using HemSys software and database, you can contribute to research

  • Support your care: This system facilitates the processing of your file during meetings between doctors, enabling you to correspond better with your treating physician and improve your follow-up.
  • Help healthcare organizations: The data collected will be transmitted to healthcare authorities to meet your facility’s regulatory obligations, and to help national authorities coordinate and optimize patient care.
  • Contribute to research: HemSys enables medical projects and research aimed at finding new therapeutic solutions. Your data is treated confidentially and anonymously, guaranteeing your privacy. These studies have already generated a number of works and publications.

By using HemSys, you can play an active role in the advancement of hematology research, while preserving the security of your data.

Key figures on HemSys 

Thanks to its ergonomic design, its collaborative functionality and its adaptation by doctors, this tool enables the collection of relevant information, specific to each pathology

  • Used in over 14 centers: CHU, CHG, clinics, etc.
  • Adopted by over 150 doctors
  • Includes tailored forms specifically configured for each pathology (over 100 pathologies), with more than 500 variables.
  • Benefits over 20,000 patients
  • More than 60,000 RCP forms recorded

HemSys, free online software for all hematology departments

Whether you’re a healthcare center or a player in drug research and development, HemSys offers a number of interesting possibilities

  • For care centers: you can deploy this tool to benefit from specialized hematology PCR software, facilitating patient management.
  • For research players: the database associated with HemSys can be useful for describing populations affected by hematological diseases and their treatments, making research data on hematological diseases available, and much more.

Thank you to Pr Roch Houot, and the Brittany network for building the initial tool and for trusting us to keep it alive and growing for the benefit of patients.

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