CALYM: strong dynamics engaged with FINDMED

The Carnot CALYM Institute is part of the FINDMED health sector consortium in order to expand its activities on french smalls and intermediate compagnies. This in order to significantly increase the share of small and medium-sized companies located in France, both in terms of revenue volumes and number of contracts.

It is through the contribution of FINDMED’s business managers and its Director of Operations, first in networking on prospecting, then in feedback/initiation to good practices on site that CALYM has been able to set up and develop this action.

Today, CALYM has thus initiated a new balance and continues to reinforce it through 2 actions :

  • Further professionalizing the R&D team in Business Development, with the aim of increasing CALYM’s commitment to french small and medium-sized companies. But also to deploy the marketing and prospecting activity of the R&D pole towards these french companies.                             
  • In the process of responding to market demand, CALYM, through this action with FINDMED, is consolidating its strategic focus on artificial intelligence. And this, in particular, thanks to the partnerships signed with French start-ups and emerging companies.

In 2020, approximately 20% of the Carnot CALYM Institute’s partnership contracts are with emerging companies in the French market. If these contracts are less important financially than those signed with large companies, the Carnot CALYM Institute benefits from them a notable gain of activity and a support to its global growth.