Congratulations to the 2 new winners of the CALYM-Janssen grant 2022 edition!

 After the 2021 edition, a new CALYM-Janssen grant was launched, and the prizes were awarded on Wednesday, November 23

The CALYM team received very good applications which were, once again, difficult to choose between.

The jury was composed of :

  • Laurence de Leval – Pathologist in Lausanne
  • Hervé Tilly – Clinician in Rouen, and President of ELI, The European Lymphoma Institute
  • Vahid Asnafi – researcher in the CALYM McINTYRE/ASNAFI team at Necker

The 2 winning projects are :

  • TONSIL (Targeting  irON Synergizes Ibrutinib Lymphoma) : Targeting cellular iron homeostasis synergizes with ibrutinib in B cell lymphoma by Sara OVEJERO MERINO from the CALYM MOREAUX/PASERO team in Montpellier

Targeting iron homeostasis in combination with BTK inhibition as a therapeutic strategy in DLBCL and MCL

“This study aims to understand how 2 types of blood cancer (Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and Mantle Cell Lymphoma) respond to the treatment with ibrutinib, a standard drug used in these hematological cancers, and a new drug that affects iron metabolism, named ironomycin. We will dissect the molecular mechanisms of cellular response to ibrutinib and ironomicin in DLBCL and MCL, and identify new molecular vulnerabilities of these cancers to these treatments.”

Sara Ovejero Merino


  • Targeting CD81in T-cell Lymphomas (TCD81TL) : CD81, a potential new immunotherapeutic target for T cell lymphomas/leukemias by Jérôme GIUSTINIANI / Nicolas ORTONNE from the CALYM team of Créteil

CD81, a potential new immunotherapeutic target for T cell lymphomas/leukemias

“This work consists in targeting a specific region of CD81 protein with an antibody, to induce the death of tumor T cells while sparing healthy cells.”

Jérôme Giustiniani

The winners presented their project and discussed with the members of the CALYM Scientific Committee: great collaborations in perspective.

The Carnot Institute CALYM and Janssen are delighted to be able to support these two projects which will work to improve the care of patients with a poor prognosis.

Congratulations again to them!!