Congratulations to the 2 new winners of the CALYM-Janssen grant 2021 edition!

After the 2020 edition, a new CALYM-Janssen grant was launched, and the prizes were awarded during the LYSA Scientific Committee. The CALYM team received very good applications which were, once again, difficult to choose between.

The 2 winning projects are :

  • CATALYNew personalized therapy in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma: CD39 in the sights ? By Christine Bezombes (Team noLymits / U1037-CRCT / Inserm transfert) & Camille Laurent (IUCT-O/U1037-CRCT)

This project will make it possible to consider CD39 as a new therapeutic target and to offer clinicians a solid rationale to extend this study to larger phase 1 cohorts integrating CD39 inhibitors in the treatment of FL and DLBCL in combination with GA101 and/or nivolumab.  Thus, this project will open new investigation perspectives and will be part of the search for new therapeutic strategies in pathologies that are still considered incurable at this time.

  • VC-RAPTORExtracting full-length clonotypic Ig sequences from lymphoma/myeloma RNAseq regarless of V(D)J remodeling by Michel Cogné (BIGReS/U1236 Inserm, Rennes/ Inserm Transfert / SATT Ouest)

This project aims at further validating the VC-RAPTOR algorithm on large series of RNAseq data from various types of lymphoma (of B or T-cell origin), leukemia or myeloma samples collected by CALYM / LYSA. It is also a question of completing its presentation in a form suitable for publication and with sufficient ergonomics for a large diffusion.

The Carnot Institute CALYM and Janssen are delighted to be able to support these two projects which will work to improve the care of patients with a poor prognosis.