LYSARC – Review of the 2020 Assessment and 2021 Outlook

2020 was a special year, disrupted by a global health crisis due to the COVID-19 epidemic. For LYSARC this year was punctuated by key events such as the launch of the website common to the three entities of the Lymphoma Research Experts ecosystem formed by LYSARC, LYSA and the Carnot Institute CALYM, as well as the beginning of the LYSARC transformation program.

This program, divided into several stages, has several objectives by 2021-2022: optimizing work processes, deploying new IT infrastructure and internal management tools, as well as implementing a new integrated business tool to optimize and facilitate studies follow-up.

According to Pascal Bilbault, LYSARC’s Director, LYSARC’s ambition in 2021 is to maintain the effectiveness of the international team by leveraging the complementary expertise of its staff :

Our first objective is to succeed in the studies that are being launched, as well as several high-stakes studies such as the MCLR2 ELDERLY, ORACLE and POLARIX phase III studies. The second objective is obviously to continue to develop our portfolio of projects with the experts at LYSA and the Carnot Institute CALYM. The third objective is to develop our persevering and excellence-oriented mindset while remaining true to our DNA as an academic research organization. This is a long-term effort that combines managerial proximity, accountability, autonomy and anticipation.

Pascal Bilbault – LYSARC’s Director

You can take note of all details concerning LYSA & LYSARC interactive activity report 2020 :

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