World Lymphoma Day 2021

Each year, more than 735,000 people are diagnosed with lymphoma worldwide, including 18,000 new cases in France.  They represent the most common malignant hemopathy, nearly half of all blood cancers. They are heterogeneous diseases, with more than 80 subtypes of lymphoma, which makes diagnosis difficult and requires different management. Lymphomas can affect all ages (including children), are mainly lymph nodes but can affect (only or in addition) all organs. There is no prevention or screening.

Although this form of blood cancer can occur at any age and affect everyone, it is still very little known and the aim of the World Lymphoma Day, on 15 September, is to make it known to the general public.

Many events take place during this day to raise awareness of this still little-known disease. Patient associations play an important role in this : the ELLYE association (formerly France Lymphome Espoir), for example, organizes the Lymphom’Tour, a challenge carried out by two “Ironmen” in remission from lymphoma to raise public awareness of lymphoma and show the importance of maintaining physical activity during and after treatment.

Let us recall that the association had also launched, in collaboration with the professionals of LYSA, a video platform to explain lymphoma :

In this very special period of global public health, the Lymphoma Coalition has chosen to launch a We Can’t Wait campaign to stop the unintended consequences that the pandemic has had on the lymphoma community.

The World Lymphoma Day is also an opportunity to look back at the scientific conference organized by LYSA in Rennes, which brought together more than 350 specialists, researchers and doctors to discuss advances in understanding and treating lymphoma.

The LYSA, a major player in lymphoma research, is linked to many research laboratories in France and particularly in Rennes, putting academic research at the heart of the fight against lymphoma.

On September 15, join the worldwide community to thank those who help people with lymphoma!