REALYSA is a real-life study on 6000 patients recruited in hematological services throughout France.

Why this study ?

Despite an improvement in the management of lymphoma since the early 2000s, the reasons why some patients respond well to treatment and others relapse are still poorly understood. In addition, existing real-life data is scarce, most data is currently coming from clinical trials. Only 10 to 15% of lymphoma patients participate in clinical trials, resulting in a significant loss of information for the vast majority of patients. Moreover, certain populations are under-represented in the trials, such as elderly patients or patients with heart problems for example. It is thus essential to complement data from clinical trials with data from real-life studies.

What is a real-life study?

In a real-life study, data about routine patient care is collected, without any intervention.

Real-life studies are complementary to conventional clinical studies:

  • Information is collected on current care practices in a population of patients comparable to the general patient population.
  • For example, they are key to validating the efficacy and safety of anti-cancer drugs in groups of patients not included in clinical trials.

What is the objective of REALYSA?

The REALYSA study results from a partnership between the Hospices Civils de Lyon, LYSA / LYSARC, Inserm and the network of population-based cancer registries FRANCIM. Its aim is  to follow 6000 adult patients newly diagnosed lymphoma (selected subtypes) across France over 9 years. One objective of the study is to be representative of the general patient population, comparing with  existing data from population-based cancer registers. Epidemiological, clinical and biological data are collected at the time of inclusion and during follow-up.

This program will allow in particular:

  • to enrich data on the prognostic role of epidemiological and genetic factors associated with clinical and biological data of patients;
  • to serve as a platform for ambitious research projects.

The data collected will allow:

  • to identify factors having an influence on the evolution of the disease, such as lifestyle, environmental factors, treatments;
  • to document the impact on the quality of life, in relation with health, personal, professional and social life of patients.

The strength of this project lies in its comprehensive nature, documenting the entire care pathway with integrative epidemiological, clinical and biological data.

Who can participate?

All adult persons newly diagnosed with lymphoma and treated in a hospital center participating in the study can be included in this study.

To date, 5238 patients have agreed to join the REALYSA community (as of: 31/03/2023)! The graph showing monthly inclusions is presented here.

And after ?

All the data collected in the framework of REALYSA study will contribute to advancing the fight against lymphoma for the well-being of patients. New research projects will emerge and open the way for new preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic approaches. Research projects using REALYSA data are detailed here.

Would you like to know more ?

If you want to know more about the REALYSA study and how to participate, you can download the study leaflet here (in French).