CALYM is uniquely positioned across the entire R&D value chain, from excellent basic research to clinical studies for drug registration.

The multidisciplinary expertise required to implement this continuum is ensured by the articulation of 20 entities: a network of 18 public laboratories located in universities and hospitals throughout France, conducting research of excellence in the field of lymphoma, and 2 non-profit research associations, international leaders in clinical and translational research on lymphoma : The Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA), a leading international cooperative group in lymphoma research, and The Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation (LYSARC), the largest European academic structure dedicated to clinical operations in lymphoma.

Together, they create a coherent structure, coordinated by a professionalized operational team. The complementary expertise of CALYM’s 20 constituent entities covers all lymphoma subtypes and the cutting-edge fields of basic, translational and clinical research related to them (fundamental biological discoveries and new therapeutic targets, redictive /diagnostic/theranostic biomarkers, manipulation of the tumor microenvironment, oncoimmunology, cell therapy, -omics, signaling, etc.).


  • the ability to evaluate the scientific and clinical rationale of candidate therapeutic mechanisms or molecules
  • the relevance of the market positioning
  • the biotechnological expertise required to build ambitious research programs in industrial partnership
  • the institutional infrastructure
  • the personnel required to carry out these programs
  • the interface of know-how, practices and standards of the academic and industrial spheres

The scientific excellence of CALYM’s experts is reflected in the numerous publications and collaborations throughout the year, as well as in the awards received by its members:

  • Philippe Pasero received the Grand Prix Jean-Pierre Lecocq from the Académie des Sciences
  • Bertrand Nadel, Sandrine Roulland and their team received the 2020 Team of Honour Award from the ARC Foundation for cancer research
  • Jean Erhland Ricci received the Grand Prix de la Recherche from the Fondation de France for his work which led to a new treatment for certain patients affected by type B lymphoma

You can find all the details of the CALYM Carnot Institute’s 2020 assessment on our interactive activity report :

Activity Report 2020

Rapport Annuel Interactif CALYM 2020