Follow-up on the CALYM Janssen 2022 meeting

Objective: communicate on the partnership and the winning projects

Since 2019, Janssen has been supporting research on lymphoma through an annual research grant to the Carnot CALYM Institute. These research grants have enabled the opening of 3 calls for projects and the financing of 6 innovative projects carried out by the researchers of the Carnot CALYM institute.

During the SFH 2022 (Congress of the French Society of Hematology), the CALYM and Janssen teams met to discuss the 3 winning projects and future collaborations.

Thanks to the CALYM Janssen 2019 grant winners Salim Kanoun and Mikael Roussel as well as Carla Faria for the CATALY 2021 winning project (Christine Bezombes, Camille Laurent) for presenting their projects.

Emmanuel Gomez and Bertrand Nadel then described CALYM’s strategy and positioning in lymphoma research: hematology market, preclinical and therapeutic innovations, new types of clinical trials, etc.

And good news… there will be an edition of the CALYM Janssen 2022 research grant! A new call for projects is being prepared for the summer: get your projects in!